Remember the Good Nights?

Remember the nights that began with the hi at eight o’clock? Remember the nights I said I’ll cook my dinner and come back in fifteen? Remember the nights we’d wait for folks in your home to return to their hibernation so that I can call you? Remember the nights you spoke in hushed tones and I in exuberant jubilation? Or the other nights when it was vice versa? Remember the nights when the clock struck eleven, twelve and then one and two and even then we were not done talking? Thankfully, there was Viber.

Remember the night I said I love you and all you could do was only hear because … well, you never wanted to tell me you loved me. Sometimes, I remember asking myself much later after the fateful November, did you ever feel love towards me or was it just a sense of friendship that you falsely mapped to love?

Remember the night I said something that had you in tears and then I had to console you? I flopped, for sure. And then remember the night when I promised I’ll never leave you come whatever may? I flopped there too, didn’t I? Remember the Good nights that said, not good night, but I love you and I miss you?

Yeah, I too miss saying those good nights.